Here’s how North Shore Scaffoldings, work in any weather Cover Systems, can allow you to finish your project on time and on budget!

Is your project behind schedule or do you have contractor delays due to weather? Is the integrity of your work being undermined by inconsistent weather patterns? Are you wasting valuable time moving hefty Tarpaulins around to allow work and afterwards having to retie them?

2 proven Cover Systems

Temporary Roofing 

A Keder Roof is an option that will protect your project in the extreme environment.

  •  It is great for big projects as it has a big internal span. It works out economical on short term projects as this roof system is designed to be installed quickly. Saving the client on installation costs
  •  Keder Sheets are guaranteed in winds up to 120km/h.
  •  Keder Temporary Roofing also allows for crane access as the sheets can be pulled back to allow crane access and then replaced after you have finished.
  • Suited for roof replacement or entire building re-cladding or adding a new story to a house
    More information available here

Shrink Wrap

North Shore Scaffolding can supply the necessary structure and Shrink Wrap to protect your project.
  •  Shrink Wrap can be used in small and unique situations where the entire structure does not need to be covered.
  •  Shrink wrap is guaranteed in winds up to 60km/h.
  •  Shrink cannot be altered once it is installed.
  •  Shrink is great for long term projects as there is no rental on the Shrink Wrap. Only the scaffold supporting it.
    More information available here
Suited to small or narrow jobs, one wall or building point specific re-cladding.

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