Keder Temporary Roofing

  • A Keder Roof is an option that will protect your project in the extreme environment. 
  • Keder Sheets are guaranteed in winds up to 120km/h.
  • Keder Temporary Roofing also allows for crane access as the sheets can be pulled back to allow crane access and then replaced after you have finished.

There are Pros and Cons to both systems.
(Keder Temporary Roof & Shrink)

Area's to consider are:

1.     Crane access

2.     Wind Loading's and the Wind Environment

3.     Duration of the project

4.     Area to be covered. Is it an entire project or a small piece that needs to be weather proof?

   Previous projects:
   50m high

   Pakari - Fire Restoration

   PineHill Primary School













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