Layher Allround Propping


This system can be adapted to fit almost any situation.
Allround scaffolding makes an ideal propping system:
  •  being both a scaffolding and a propping system it is economic and versatile
  •  it has extremely high strength capacity values, is self supporting and is quick to install

Allround in standard configurations up to six metres is rated for the following permissible loadings:
  •  with lifts of 2.0 metres - up to 45 kN per standard
  •  with lifts of 1.5 metres - up to 60 kN per standard
  •  with lifts of 1.0 metres - up to 70 kN per standard

Permissible loadings can be increased considerably further by:
  •  using Layher's reinforced base jacks and U head jacks
  •  additional bracing (ledgers and diagonals), and / or
  •  joining standards with our unique twin wedge couplers


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