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The International Hotel

9 Princes Street, Auckland

We were involved in this project from the early design phase and developed a unique scaffolding solution that could only be achieved with the use of our superior quality, Layher proprietary scaffolding equipment.

We designed a 3-in-1 scaffold which allowed for the original complete gutting (leaving only the floor slabs, beams, columns and the central supporting “inner core” behind) of the entire, hexagonal shaped building. Once this was completed. the first of the 3 scaffolding layers could be removed. The second layer was used to extend the building foot print from a hexagonal shape to a square shape. Once that was achieved, the second of the three layers could be removed. Finally, the third layer was used for the actual construction and redesign of the building façade (window / steel / cladding / etc.) installation.

The use of Layher scaffolding equipment allowed us to design the scaffolding so that work on site could carry on whilst the various layers of scaffolding were being “peeled-back”. This was a challenging task in Engineering terms as the corners of the third scaffolding layer had to span approximately 30m without ties as there was no building in the corners to tie to. In addition, one corner of the work had to be carried out over a heritage building which required us to build a crash deck over it. This resulted in the entire corner having to be cantilevered, not an easy task when the scaffolding above the corner extends 40m high.

The full scaffold measured approximately 150m in length around the building perimeter and 50m high. We also provided propping on the lower floors, as well as propping to allow for cutting out the top two floor slabs and the roof slab.



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